Art‬ can be used as a Ice Breaker to start a Conversation about HIV Education, ‪#‎HIVTesting‬ and the Importance of Practicing ‪#‎SafeSex‬. The Art4Charity‬: Rise of the Phoenix TV premier is on ‪‎December 1st‬ World AIDS Day to commemorate the Anniversary of a ‪#‎Pediatric‬ AIDS symbol Lex Lumiere created 10 Years Ago, as a means to educate the public on how to fight the disease that has orphaned 17.8 Million Children. In 2015, CDC expects the number of AIDS orphans to rise to 25 Million. It takes a moment to wrap that number around your mind, especially if you multiply it times 2, when considering the orphans Parents. Ten years and Still No Cure?

On December 1st, World AIDS Day, the story behind this symbol, originally promoted by Hilton and 104 KRBE will be broadcast on television to 1.5 Million people to bring awareness to the fact we are still on the quest for a Cure for AIDS 10 years later.  Art4Charity: Rise of the Phoenix, may begin as a playful animation but it covers how AIDS has personally touched my life through the people I loved and forced me to take a Stand for a Cure.

Education is such a powerful tool for change. Help us educate others and use art as a vehicle to tell others that it is “Time to Stop AIDS” by wearing this Watch or Dust off your Red Ribbon and wear it to Raise Awareness that we are still fighting for a Cure to Save Lives. Just imagine, a World without AIDS.

On a lighter note, during the television show the story unfolds time in retrospect, during the same year Kim met Kanye West, a series of life events intertwined in the creation of this symbol, which led me to meet Paris and Nicky Hilton, for the first time during the Fall on Thanksgiving week, ten years ago in San Francisco, California.

The Synchronicities of life are like a Symphony that leave you grateful for all your blessings when you see how they come together to create a much bigger Picture.

I hope you #watch, no pun intended. Well maybe a little.  😉


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