Rise Of The Phoenix

The Art4Charity : Rise Of The Phoenix TV Premier airs today at 12:00 Noon to 1.5 Million people, and we would like to #Dedicate it to all our Friends who have Lost their Lives to #AIDS, to the #LGBT community in their Fight for Equality and their parents and friends who are A testament to the true meaning of #UnconditionalLove.
Artists for Charity is auctioning off 3 Wooden Sculptural Art Pieces by Lex Lumiere to help Children Orphaned by AIDS.  Each Sculpture is stuffed with #Madonna Memorabilia spanning her #30 year career. The outside is visible to the Public, the inside is a Mystery to be revealed to the Winning Bidder. If you would like Tickets to the Charity Art Auction event in NYC on Dec 6 or the 8th Annual Holiday Event in DC on Dec 13. Please visit:



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