Lex Lumiere_Once Upon A Time_Heart Chakra_Volume 4_2 Final

Bid on Lex Lumiere’s ‪#‎Art‬ at the GLAAD Gala silent auction‬, held Friday Nov. 7, at the Hilton ‪‎SanFrancisco, Union Square. Honoring US Chief Technology‬ Officer, former Google VP of Business Development and PlanetOut Inc. CEO Megan Smith‬ along with Youtube‬ sensation, Tyler Oakley. Hosted by, Daniel Franzese.

The wooden sculpture, ” Once Upon A Time : Heart Chakra ”  is one of the last three in the series currently up for purchase at charity auctions; it is painted in oil, metallic silver and was created as a tribute to the talent of the Barrymore‬ family and their legacy in Film‬. The bid item includes the wooden sculpture, rare Madonna memorabilia inside and a limited edition book on the Barrymore’s life story.


The event is sponsored by: Ketel One Vodka, Wells Fargo and Hilton Worldwide

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