Visiting #Tx? If you need recommendations from a native Houstonian as to where to go eat and drink or sight see in #Htown, look no further. Lex Lumiere teamed up with her mom J (the petite feisty foodie) to create a free Houston Treasure Map: treasure-map-of-houston of the city she grew up in so you could enjoy some of their favorite places. The printable version of the map is here. If you want the artsy version, where she actually scribbles artwork on your paper, you either have to catch the artist at the Okra Charity Saloon where 100% of restaurant proceeds go to local charities or at another Super Bowl event, if you can. 😉  Enjoy exploring Houston through the perspective of a local Texas artist, it’s kind of like walking in the artsy footsteps of Frida Kahlo or Picasso….

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