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The Vanderpump Dog Foundation has built a community of dedicated dog activists that are working to find forever homes for homeless animals across the city of Los Angeles to help relieve overpopulation. Many shelters are at capacity and don’t have the resources, or the manpower, to save all the unwanted pets in the city.

Education is at the forefront of the Foundation’s mission. They teach people about overpopulation, how they can help, and change the world through small, responsible acts of spay/neutering and urge people to adopt their next family member from The Vanderpump Dog Rescue Center in an effort to curb overpopulation in the shelters.

They generously give dogs a second chance to find a forever home.  

There are several ways to help support the Vanderpump Dog Foundation – Bid on our Je t’aime or Amour Gift Sets (French Themed) :  L’art crée plus de beauté dans le monde… ❤ at their silent auction. You can also adopt a pet, make a donation or use their grooming services available to the public or shop in their boutique of pet products for your pup. 100% of the profits go towards the Rescue Center. 




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