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Over the past 20 years the annual charity Golf Tournament helps support the Celebrities Fore Kids mission; making a difference in the lives of children affected by cancer and other life-altering and life-threatening illnesses or conditions. They strive to improve the quality of life and well-being for ill children and their families by offering financial support for daily living needs to help with related living expenses and necessities which negatively impact the family’s health, and lives while caring for a ill child; like gas cards, food, mortgage or rent payments, utility bills, special project needs like converting the shower so a wheelchair bound child can wheel into the shower themselves, or building a ramp for wheel chair accessibility or providing respite care so a family can refresh and continue their medical journey.  Please join us in helping sick children and their families by placing a bid on live or silent auction items including the ‘Joyful Gift Set’ by artist Lex Lumiere that includes the last rare set of Black & White hand printed photographs of sacred Trees, hot cocoa and other goodies that bring out your inner child.  Art is meant to be a joyful and magical experience…


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