shutterstock_479124139There are many ways for children to learn about charity and the joy of generosity:

Give a gift to a child in need.  There are multiple ways to do this. You could call your local hospital and see if they would accept gifts for their pediatric patients.

Toys for Tots provides toys for less fortunate children in the community. Click here to find a local drop off location.

Your local Ronald McDonald House provides housing to families of children receiving treatment. Your child can make a special trip to a local McDonalds to contribute to their Donation Box.

My Two Front Teeth and the Family Giving Tree charities joined forces to help more children. To help a child, visit either website to see the children’s names, ages, their gift wishes and how much it will cost to give the child that particular present.

Family Giving Tree also offers a Back-to-School Drive to deliver backpacks filled with school supplies to more than 32,000 K-12 students before school starts. Visit the website to learn how you can donate school supplies or hold your own drive locally.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
  This 40-year-old preserve is dedicated to the preservation of orphaned and endangered elephants, rhinos and giraffes, especially baby calves, which are orphaned when their parents are killed for their tusks, as ivory is an increasingly valuable commodity. For an annual $50 donation, you can donate one of these animals. Browse through the animal profiles, which include photos and videos of the creature, and a detailed account of its rescue and recuperation.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation partners with many companies to help make the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions come true. Shop at the Disney Store, rent a car, buy a car, book your air travel or have your kids make a gift wish list at Toys R Us for money to automatically be donated to Make-A-Wish. Another way to help the foundation is by buying gifts that give back. Your loved one receives a beautiful gift and a portion of the proceeds go directly back to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Oxfam Unwrapped America You know about global relief organization Oxfam, with a history tracing back more than 70 years. This site could not be cooler, and relevant to kids. This site is set up for giving gifts (holiday, birthday, wedding) to others, but works great for general family charity projects. Browse by project type — heath, education, environment, then hone in on the specific donation. These include a dozen chicks for $45, to help a rural family start for-profit flock, $35 for a school meal program for a child or $100 for a donkey cart. Each of the dozens of gifts are illustrated with touching, quirky or adorable pics, which are then mailed to you in a card, as a physical reminder of your gift.  This beautifully designed site displays profiles of patients in developing countries in need of medical procedures they cannot afford. A short bio of the person, their medical needs and dollar sum required for the procedure are displayed — including how much has been raised. Medical care is not given unless 100% of the fee is raised. The site partners with on-the-ground medical providers, who have provided care for nearly 4,000 patients in 20 countries in Watsi’s 3-year history. A full 100 percent of donations go to the patients (program administration comes from grants).


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